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tv   Fox News at Night  FOX News  January 29, 2024 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> greg: we are out of time! thanks to kayleigh mcenany, jimmy failla, andrew bruel, kat timpf, our studio audience. i love you, america. >> trace: good evening. i'm trace gallagher. it's 8:00 p.m. on the west coast, 11:00 here in washington, and this is
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america's late news, "fox news @ night." breaking tonight, a question with massive implications on everything from the 2024 election to u.s. national security. what will president biden's response be to iran for the killing of three soldiers in a drone attack by an iranian proxy group? biden has again and again warned iran and its proxies to "don't." and yet they have. 165 times. and now it is turning deadly. bill melugin is live with brand-new reaction. >> trace, good evening to you. american forces in the middle east have been attacked, as you mentioned, at least 165 times by these iranian backed militias. that's just since october 7th. now that americans have been killed, the pressure is really ramping up on president biden to hit back hard and potentially even on iranian soil. three american soldiers died on sunday after a remote outpost in jordan called tower 22 he was targeted a suicide drone
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launched by iranian-backed militants. dozens of other americans were killed in the attack which happened while american service members were sleeping. the three fallen soldiers have now been identified as army reserve soldiers out of fort moore georgia. they are sergeant william rivers, specialist kennedy sanders, and specialists breanna moffat. as the biden administration prepares to respond, republicans have accused biden of leading american forces essentially become sitting ducks out there, just waiting for the day one of these attacks turn deadly. now some are calling for strikes directly against iran. senator tom cotton saying in part, "the only answer to these attacks must be devastating military retaliation against iran's terrorist forces, both in iran and across the middle east. anything less will confirm joe biden as a coward, unworthy of being commander in chief." >> we do not seek another war. we do not seek to escalate. but we will absolutely do what
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is required to protect ourselves, to continue that mission, and responded perfectly to these attacks. >> trace, republican senators lindsey graham and john cornyn both also called for targeting iran directly. as of right now, the white house isn't showing their hand one way or the other yet. they are only saying they're going to respond forcefully at a time and place of their choosing. i'll send it back to you. >> trace: bill melugin live in los angeles. let's bring in a former navy seal who trained with israeli defense forces, cameron hamilton. great to see you in person. we have seen you remote a lot of times. here's the president on january 12. he said the following. watch this, very important. >> they know not to do anything. no. they do not want a war with us. >> trace: he says they got the message.
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they clearly didn't get the message. the question is, what now? what are the president do? >> good evening, thanks for having me. we put ourselves in the scenario time and time again. when we project this weakness overseas, we embolden bad actors. these kinds of lone wolf attacks, these attacks against u.s. personnel are effective in at least showing how quick we are able to react and probe our bases to figure out new ways of exploiting. but this is only occurring due to the consequence of, frankly, in my opinion, a failed foreign policy objective in the region. what is the long-term plan? do you have the force capable to actually respond appropriately? these are things that are sorely lacking from this administration. >> trace: in bill's piece, he brought up directly going after iran. what is your thought to? >> when people hear that it's obviously a sensational comment about if the united states would want to engage in conflict directly. i don't know that it's the wisest choice right now.
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that conflict between us and iran would create quite a bit of human suffering. that being said, i think entities like iran need to see from her stances. for example, some of the trade initiatives we made, some of the funds we have released dockage their care only show the able to promote further radicalization of these different terrorist groups and elements. >> trace: house foreign affairs committee chair mike mccaul said the following. watch. >> we don't want war with iran, but the way to stop that now is to deterrence. you do that through exercising strength and not weakness in the region. we've had over 165 attacks on u.s. forces. very little response to this. >> trace: and some have wondered if maybe it's too late for a bold response. it's 165 attacks in. maybe it's too late for that bold response people were asking for 100 attacks ago. >> that's not an unreasonable theory to think through. i would say ultimately we do need to project greater strength. our military is not prioritized
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to respond purposely to critical incidents like this. i think we need some form of a measured response. do not have a response to be a category would bea categorical mistake. having said that, i think we have many other factors within the american economy and our government that can be leveraged to put pressure on iran other than maybe just direct conflict or other military action in their actual heartland. iran is not a homogenous people. it's very fractured and they are losing control within the populace itself. >> trace: you wonder what that transpires over there, because there is internal dissent and that planes of volatility. cameron hamilton, great to have you on. alarming information tonight about how deeply some united nations personnel who work with palestinian refugees are allegedly involved with terrorist groups. the senior national correspondent rich edson is live
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with that story. >> good evening. the biden administration said it will be looking very hard at that u.n. agency's next steps to ensure it is thoroughly investigated paid secretary of state antony blinken called the accusations against the united nations relief and works agency, or unra, deeply troubling and says there needs to be accountability. >> we haven't had the ability to investigate and ourselves, but they are highly credible. at the same time, as you indicated, unra has played and continues to play an absolutely indispensable role in trying to make sure that men, women, and children who so desperately need assistance in gaza actually get it. >> the israeli government accuses more than a dozen unra employees of participating in the october 7th terrorist attack. it details one aid worker kidnapping an israeli woman, another rating and is really kibbutz, one more handing ammunition to hamas terrorists. that's led to the halting of
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funding to the organization pending an investigation. the u.s. previously suspended aid to unra under the trump administration. >> what took you so long? during the trump administration, we cut unra's budget at the very beginning because we knew this was an organization that was not to be trusted with american taxpayers money because they were going to use it to propagate anti-israel propaganda. >> u.n. secretary general antonio guterres says he's horrified by the accusations, but he asked countries that suspended aid to reconsider as he says too many people in gaza depend on the agency for critical aid. unra has thousands of workers providing aid to millions of palestinians, trace. >> trace: rich edson live for us in d.c. let's bring in the editor of "restoring america" and the founder of the online holocaust museum, "less people forget," elizabeth to go. thank you for coming on.
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elizabeth believes 10% of unra employees belong to terra groups terra groups. it might be more than a dozen. this is a major, major problem. >> is more than a major problem. we just heard it on your show, the secretary general of the u.n. says countries should reconsider holding back the funding. these are not small workplace minor issues. we are talking about actual accusations of terrorism. the fact that anyone is calling for the reinstatement of funding before any investigation has been concluded, it is shameful and sets a very dangerous precedent and should be below the standards not only of the u.n. end of the secretary general debt for any leader in the united states calling for the same thing. >> trace: she makes a great point. when you have the u.n. secretary general saying this is horrifying, but keep that funding and that money coming, it's just really -- >> isn't it telling that was the immediate response, to almost brush off the allegations against their own employees, that they were aiding and abetting terrorism? this goes to show it's not just
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unra that needs to be defunded. the entire organization is complicit in this scandal. this is the same organization that has promoted the boycott-divestment-sanctions movement, who has dismissed allegations of sexual violence against israeli women. there's a pattern here and it's not just this one branch of the united nations. >> trace: it's a fair point, too prayed to look at the u.n. secretary general and the u.n., and it was so cold to israel in the days and weeks following october 7th, elizabeth. and you wonder what is brewing and how world sentiment looks at the united nations. >> right. at one point we thought this was unfair to israel and now it's just ridiculous. it's not just unfair to israelis, israel, anyone affected by this massacre we saw on october 7th, it's unfair to anyone who ever receives any aid from the united nations. because now we know where the standards are. now we know the kind of funding they are okay with, the kind of investigation they don't want to
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follow through with. now we know the dangerous precedent they are okay setting and everybody has to wonder, can they trust united nations moving forward? >> trace: you look at what's happening in iran and what's going on with joe biden. how much political pressure is there on him to do something significant? >> right, even antony blinken admitted today that right now we find ourselves in "the most dangerous times of biden's entire political career." does anyone think that's a coincidence that it's the most dangerous times, when he took the reins? i don't think it's a coincidence at all. he should leave us disturbed. >> trace: you mentioned you have a sibling in the military. it about confidence level. people in the military, people who have family member t military. do they have confidence in the decision that this administration is going to make? your final thoughts? >> the american people, especially those my age, we live
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a very privileged life. we sit around the dinner table and discuss these issues. they are matters that mean a lot more to us. it's not our safety in these lives lost that did not have to be gone, about sitting here knowing that americans right now do not feel safe under joe biden as president. >> trace: do you feel comfortable with the military, kaylee connects mexico no. my brother served in the military, in the navy, very proudly. but six service members have lost their lives since joe biden took office. that leaves us scared for the future. >> trace: thank you both. meantime, a new migrant caravan with well over a thousand migrants now making its way north from southern mexico. you can see they are on foot right now but hoping to get on trains or buses bound for the u.s. border. that jackie ibanez is live tonight with the latest on the illegal immigration crisis at the standoff between texas and the federal government. good evening. >> good evening, trace. texas officials are still not complying with demands to allow border patrol back into shelby
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park, a two and a half mile area of eagle pass. defying a friday deadline set by the deferment of homeland security. now texas attorney general ken paxton is giving the biden administration a deadline of his own. paxton says the department of homeland security has until february 15th to prove its claim that a 2008 agreement actually gave defense ownership of the park. >> for the time being, there's no injunction. they could come in and cut larry down. that doesn't mean you have to let them on our property. they have no obligation to let them on our property. as i said, they're claiming now is their property, but i think they made that up. >> texas officials tell fox news any razor that is cut will be replaced. the white house argues the wire is keeping border patrol agents from doing their jobs. but in recent days, it appears to have shifted its tone about the situation at the border.
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>> what about the fact that there's a crisis going on at the border? the numbers are too i. >> those numbers, trace, a record 302,000 encounters in the month of december alone. according to our cbp sources, that's the first time that number has ever crossed the 300,000 mark. >> trace: jackie ibanez, thank you. the "fox news @ night" common sense department is somewhat confused that president biden wants congress to give him the authority and funding to secure the border. the president surely knows he already has the authority to secure the border, right? it's called an executive order. so he could end the chaos as quickly as he started it, and he did start it. remember, it was candidate joe biden who said, if he was elected, i could shed, quoting here, "immediately surge the border." they did. they still do. on his first day in office, he
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paused deportations for 100 days, ended remain in mexico policy, and stopped border wall construction. if trump did it, it was undone, and the illegal migrants came by the millions come anywhere from 7 million to 9 million. but the administration ignored and lied about it, saying silly things like the border is closed and the surge is seasonal. seasonal? common sense keeps hearing about climate change, but a 37-month season seems unusual. then a funny thing happened on the way to reelection. the biden campaign realized chaos doesn't poll well. because the border is now a top issue, the administration cannot stop talking about it. common sense thinks, if you really want to shut something down, eventually got to shut someone up. let's bring an republican congressman from new york, claudia tenney, and former acting i.c.e. director jonathan fahey. we very much appreciate this. do you believe, jonathan, that the president, if you wanted this board are closed, he would
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close it? >> absolutely. he could close this border, and he wanted this open from the beginning. they campaigned on it and they've made it very clear to anyone that comes in that they will not be deported, absent the most exceptional circumstance. so they wanted this to happen and the only reason they are shifting now is these polls are looking pretty bad provided and particularly on this issue. all of the sudden there's some spring in his step and they're addressing this issue. but they really not going to change, because the hard left has a vise grip on the democratic party and they're not going to let them do anything serious. >> trace: congresswoman, it seems to be like, you look at what happens in texas, you seeing the debate and the menu shut every. it seems like texas and greg abbott have a right to be able to defend their borders. >> of course. and it's a tale of two states. if you look at new york, we are letting illegal immigrants come in, giving the drivers licenses,
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and preventing not just police but customs and border agents and election officials from getting their dmv record so we can track people down. they could be stealing a car, they could be illegal immigrants, whatever. that's exactly the mission. under the biden administration, it is unlawful for president biden as ruled by the supreme court to actually eliminate student loan debt. he knows that but he did anyway for political reasons, and now for political reasons they're trying to blame the republicans in the house when all these lawsuits -- it's all in his power to do this and is trying to shift the blame is if we're not doing doing anything. we passed hr2, the most copperheads of border security bill. it is sitting on chuck schumer's desk and all they need to do is pass it and go back and enforce the laws we already have in the country. see what i want to stay with you for just one second, because they are 25 g.o.p. governors who support texas governor habit, but blue states are also getting crushed. you have migrants sleeping on the floor at boston's logan airport, passengers have to step over people to get to the gates, and in new york we had been reporting again and again on
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migrants taking over hotels and parks. even a local high school, displacing students for a day. chicago, the same story, and no denver, a city of 700,000, trying to accommodate 40,000 migrants. this is a quote. all the fourth significant surge in arrivals, straining capacity. based on current projections, could force the city to cut as much as $180 million from its budget. you look at what's happening in these towns, they can't handle it. these are blue cities. they can't handle the influx. >> that's a mirror image of new york city. mayor adams is screaming he has more resources. our governor, kathy hochul, gave the billion dollars in new taxes to cover the maggot crisis, the illegal advocate crisis -- let me correct myself -- last year. in this year's new budget, another $2.4 billion to go toward illegal immigrants. not new york taxpayers. and a mere $40 million, which is a lot of money anyway, but
8:19 pm
$40 million to go for smash and grabs. we see this illegal immigration problem is huge along with crime in new york city. and i represent the northern border half. i just had a meeting last week with our border agents, and they say we don't have the resources because they being shifted to the southern border. so we are vulnerable, as well, in new york state. the low countries vulnerable. it's true, when you hear people say every state is a border state, that's absolutely true with the biden administration in charge right now. that's a principal role of the executives. joe johnson truly doesn't think there's a basis for impeaching ellie hunter mallorca's. you go i don't fault the house. if they have a basis for impeachment, regardless of what the other house does , they proceed. i just don't believe they have a cognizable basis here for impeachment. >> trace: but this is your area, so i would defer to you on this. do they have a basis to impeach him? >> i think they do. you think with the trump
8:20 pm
impeachment they lowered the bar for what qualifies, but he's done everything to undermine the mission of the agency he's chosen to lead. he has repeatedly lied, he pushes false narratives, he's put the american people at risk from fentanyl, human trafficking, national security. every day he's there, americans are less safe. he should be removed and there is a basis. there's never been a cabinet secretary that has approached their job the way he has. >> trace: jonathan fahey, congresswoman tenney, thank you for coming out. the death of three kansas city chiefs fans raising a lot of questions. now a prominent pathologist lays out his theory, which is fascinating. plus, imagine crime is so bad in your city that your employer tells you not to go outside on your lunch break paid meaning, for all intents and purposes, you are on lockdown. it's happening in california. later in the nightcap, watch this dog owner risk her life for her pet, clinging to a suspect's
8:21 pm
car as it drove away with her french bulldog. what would you do if someone stole your pet and drove off? would you jump on the car like this woman did, risking your life? how far would you go to save your pet cannot let us know on social media, x, and instagram. paid way in and we'll show you the results and read the best responses in the nightcap. meantime, it's 11:20 on the east coast. now a "fox news @ night" trip across america. a live look at rockville, maryland, with the official state sport was jousting until 2004. who knew? when la crosse took the title. minneapolis, minnesota, the birthplace of famous musical artist prince, and in seattle, washington, where there is an 1g under the aurora bridge. if you can't join us before, don't forget, set your dvr and watch us any time. we are coming right back to the kansas city fans who froze tolo death. new information. ♪ ♪ 're d?
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the one the mystery surrounding the freezing deaths of three kansas city chiefs fans continues. we have been hearing from pathology experts and family members of the victims. jackie ibanez is back live with more on the story that is really baffling the nation. >> it really is. hi, trace. three weeks after three kansas city chiefs fans are found dead at their friend's house after watching the game, there are still no answers as to what happened. while the kansas city police department again emphasized over the weekend that there's still no evidence of foul play in the mysterious deaths, family and friends of the victims continue to question that assessment. >> david was murdered. it does not make any sense to have three men dead, laying in the yard, and him asleep for 48
8:28 pm
hours. >> questions remain about how the host of the party, jordan willis, didn't notice his friends were dead while possibly letting family pets outside. forensic pathologist dr. michael baden offered this theory. listen. >> it sounds like, from what's been released so far, that he slept for a long period of time. it may be that all four of them took something that made them pass out. he passed out indoors, and slipped it off. >> a source close to a list tells fox news that the victims went to high school with willis and reconnected after moving back to kansas city about five years ago. the source says willis is now very depressed, adding, not only is the whole country accusing him of murdering his friends without factual details, evidence, or any charges at this time, but he also lost three close friend. that person close to willis also
8:29 pm
urged the public to wait for more facts from the police department to come out before rushing to judgment, as well as waiting for that toxicology report we've been talking about that could come out within the next three weeks, trace. >> trace: and the fact that the chiefs are now in the super bowl really blows this thing up even bigger. jackie ibanez live for us in new york. the largest employer in oakland is now advising their workers to eat lunch inside instead of potentially becoming another victim of california's crime crisis. bill melugin back live with those details tonight. bill? >> under the california story. crime has gotten so bad in oakland that kaiser permanente is now telling its workers at its headquarters to stay inside the building during lunch. kaiser permanente is oakland's biggest private employer and fox has learned they issued a memo directing their workers to stay inside the building, all in response to numerous street robberies of workers he went outside to grab something to eat. the crime stats show how bad it's gotten in oakland.
8:30 pm
in 2023, robberies of 38% over 2022. burglaries up 23%. vehicle thefts up 44%. one kaiser employee says she just doesn't feel safe. >> it's kind of scary in general. not even just to go to work but coming outside. if you can't work at home, work at home. if you have to come in, be safe about it. >> in response to the memo to stay inside, they said in part, "those recommendations remain in place for now." "kaiser permanente is committed to ensuring the safety of our employees across all locations. we continually monitor our environments for concerns, review our practices, and strengthen them wherever possible." but some locals and business owners say it is just too much. it might do more harm than good, especially for local businesses. >> i think it's overkill. trauma is trauma, but to live under a rock because something bad might happen is traumatizing
8:31 pm
in its own way, as well. >> it is a little upsetting to hear that. everyone's trying to thrive and make business. it is pretty slow as it is. >> trace, it's unclear if these directives from kaiser will be permanent or not, but the oakland mayor tells fox that the city is "making progress" in addressing community safety, adding that there are more police officers and safety ambassadors on the streets than at any other time in the last two years. but we know very well those so-called safety ambassadors usually aren't armed with anything. i'll send it back to you. >> trace: thank you. let's begin former fbi special agent fox news contributor nicole parker. great to have you on. one of the numbers bill left out is that violent crime from 2022-2023, the last year we have numbers, up 23%. he knew imagine an employer saying don't go out for lunch because one local said this. i want you to listen to him. >> it would be a policy to destroy oakland. having a large corporation to stay there in the and do lunch
8:32 pm
from home is atro atrocious. >> right, and that is what begs me to ask, if you're telling yo, thousands of employees, not to go out and frequent the local businesses, you must have some information that it's a good idea, because you really are destroying the economy of your local city. >> that's absolutely correct. the violent crime rate is up by 23% between 2022 and 2023. it really is on kaiser to protect the safety of their employees. that their first obligation. you can't go to work and have a violent crime occurred to you and that's on them. it's extremely sad to see, but we see this across the country not just in oakland but in many of the blue cities. the defund the police soft-on-crime policies do not work. i work violent crime for the fbi. that is not work. and you will notice a lot of the places that have a very tight lockdown for covid, a lot of individuals stopped coming into the office. so that her at the local businesses, as well. employees are reluctant to come back into the city to work.
8:33 pm
why would you if you're going to be faced with these criminal activities around your aphis? it's dangerous and on them to protect their employees. >> trace: chris swecker, here's what he had to say. >> if we just open up our border, all our intelligence agencies, all that work goes for nothing. we don't know who's coming in. we have no idea and no way of vetting. >> trace: he says it's the most interesting this country has faced in decades, nicole. would you agree? >> absolutely. i'm not sure americans understand how detrimental and open border is to our national security. border security equals national security. when there is no border, you can say national security is at a very high risk for a potential attack. i would not be shocked if there is eventually an attack or something catastrophic that occurs in this country that is directly linked to someone that came across that border.
8:34 pm
we have no idea who lives here. there are millions of people pouring in. people -- got-aways. texas is taking the brunt of this. thank goodness for texas trying to protect his nation. this is a serious problem. i do and agent that worked counterterrorism and he said he'd move over to the criminal side of the house until they close the border because there's no point focusing on counterterrorism when we are opening up our border to potential terrorist attacks on our soil. >> trace: . >> trace: out i'm out of time but i want to put this up because i'm fascinated by. the says schools with most frequent location for hate crimes after residences and roadways or alleys from 2018-2022 -- even though most explains months of closures during the academic year two to the coronavirus pandemic, it is unacceptable. i've got 15 seconds, but this whole thing, in schools, it's just the proving ground for hate. it's unbelievable. your thoughts?
8:35 pm
>> we are hearing about exorbitant rates across the country. students need to understand and respect their classmates and respect one another. i frankly believe that teaching that begins in the home. families need to be involved, parents need to be involved, to teach the children to cheat dumb i treat others with kindness and respect. >> trace: you the best. thank you. we appreciate it. coming up, the fight for religious freedom happening on our own home turf. how important is it for people to see video of the attacks in israel on october 7th? would it change minds? would it change your mind? later in the nightcap, how would you respond to some of you took your pet in broad daylight and tried to speed away in the car like this person did? now stunning video showing how one woman handled that exact situation, and still ahead, a dog enjoys celebrity status at the farm, and taylor swift and travis kelce steal the show after a big win for the cheese. the viral videos, you can't have them without taylor these days. at first, las vegas, nevada,
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can start with stelara®. janssen can help you explore cost support options. ♪ ♪ >> trace: tonight's real news roundup, the u.s. navy now shifting its recruitment strategy once again after not meeting its enlistment goals. the u.s. navy will allow some recruits without a high school diploma, even a ged, as long as they score high enough on the qualification test. the navy lowered the standard for that test back in 2022. seattle is the latest city to pay millions of dollars to black lives matter protesters who said they were injured during the riots following the death of george floyd in 2020. he said he paid $10 million after a three year legal battle. the city attorney called it a drain on time and resources but did not admit wrongdoing. former members of the women's sorority kappa kappa gamma are suing the group for allegedly allowing a transgender member to
8:42 pm
run to become its national president. the alumna claim in their lawsuit that they have the right to defend the sorority as a single-sex organization. according to reports, kappa kappa gamma has not responded. and snoop dogg told the sunday times that he has nothing but love and respect for donald trump. the change of tune follows a trail of criticism of the former president. snoop now says trump has only done good things for him, including commuting the sentence of death row records michael harris who signed snoop dogg for the release of his first album. and there you go. here at "fox news @ night" we have been tracking recent examples of cases showing that the fight for religious freedom in america is alive and well and still very much in need of greater awareness and certainly activism. let's bring in the president of the foundation for human rights and justice, and former ambassador at large, governor, and senator from international religious freedom, sam brownback.
8:43 pm
great to have you on, it really is. i want to go to you first, because you plan to see this unedited video of the hamas attacks on october 7th in israel. how important is it for you to see that? and is it important for other people? do you think it would change minds? >> i myself am the daughter of two holocaust survivors, so you feel sort of a moral duty to bear witness to the savage attacks that occurred. but i think it also serves to underscore just how profoundly dangerous religious hatred is. i mean, these attacks by hamas on october 7th were not motivated by politics or any such thing. they were really an expression of genocidal hatred. i think, as troubling and disturbing as it is, it is important. >> ambassador, the same question. if you see what's happening in the streets and the anti-semitic protests and stuff, do you think
8:44 pm
if they saw what actually happened, unedited, that it might sway some people? >> i think it might. this is a terrible thing that took place. this is genocidal hatred that's been around for a long period of time, and we thought it was kind of easing, leading up to come there but it's huge. and a culture that allows that to take root is a culture that is going to kill itself. we have to get it out of our own culture and get it out of the global culture. >> trace: i was looking at the list of these religious freedoms where they are really at risk, and the united states is not in the top ten. you look at places like china and talk about the uigurs and stuff like that, but there's been a lot of attacks on christians and catholic churches. you can go down the list of the past couple years. i know we talk about international religious freedom, but is that part of this, what's happening in this country? >> we talk about international
8:45 pm
and not about the domestic issues. there are a number of groups focused on the domestic religious freedom, and here it's a lot more of a suffocation, and effort to pull back. but what we specifically talk about is everything else except for the united states at this summit. >> i just wanted to play this sound bite for you. we had this woman on, and she's fighting an alaska airlines flight attendant because she says her religious freedom is not being recognized. watch this. >> alaska airlines, like a lot of other companies we see these days, are purposefully quiet when it comes to religious liberties, and our protections in the workplace. because of that, i think there's a lot of employees who are ignorant to the fact that we should actually be protected against religious discrimination. >> trace: katrina, you might remember this, governor, alaska airlines used a hand out prayer cards until like 20 child on their seats. they had to stop doing that. and now this accusation seems unusual. >> there are a range of issues.
8:46 pm
first amendment rights, and religious freedom rights. that i would have to say, based on the magnitude of the staggering persecution we see globally, for the most part people in this country enjoy and credible levels of protection. it's not perfect by any means, but what we see globally, the uighurs in china, the rohinga and me and my, christians in nigeria. the tremendous urgent anti-semitism. for the most part, we could honestly count our blessings here in the united states. >> trace: the biggest thing you want to come out of the gathering this week? >> the growth of the grassroots movement. this thing has to go exponential and it's got to go grassroots. people have got to start fighting for this right everywhere around the world and stand up to governments and mobs that are holding people back from being able to express who they are in their own soul and what they do and what they believe.
8:47 pm
>> trace: ambassador katrina, thank you for coming up. first up tonight's viral videos, this golden retriever appears to be a celebrity on his farm in canada. a flock of sheep, somebody needs to get that dog a hat and maybe a pair of sunglasses. he's a big star out there. this golden retriever also made friends with the other house pet, a parakeet. i hope it wasn't one of the ones we talk about that class all the time. the owners say the two play tag, which puts a smile on her face and hours. and a car in arkansas mysteriously careened off the road, in dramatic security footage, and struck a power pole. he turned around and drove back the weight came. deputies looking for information on what happened. if you hadn't heard, the chiefs are heading to the super bowl. travis, and the girl -- i don't remember her name. we've got to have a swiftie. kansas governor, kansas senator, he loves the chiefs and has his socks on.
8:48 pm
he's a swiftie. kisses and hugs on the field after the victory against the ravens. the chiefs will face off with the 49ers on zuberi 11th, the day after taylor swift wraps up an eras concert in japan. if she gets on the plane right after she could make a big game in vegas. if you have a viral video to share, share it with us. up next, how far would you go to save your dog if someone stole it right in front of you and drove off? s crthe nightcap's next. ♪ ♪am] [camera shutter sfx] introducing ned's plaque psoriasis. [camera shutter sfx] he thinks his flaky, red patches are all people see. otezla is the #1 prescribed pill to treat plaque psoriasis. [ned?] it can help you get clearer skin and reduce itching and flaking. with no routine blood tests required. doctors have been prescribing it for nearly a decade. otezla is also approved
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♪ ♪ >> trace: we are back with the nightcap crew. bill melugin, jackie ibanez, rich edson, elizabeth pipko, and nico parker. tonight's topic, getaway car. an l.a. woman was having lunch when her dog was still in right from under her table. the seeds jumped into their car and took off. you can see here. the dog owner jumped onto the hood of the car, and after several blocks, she was thrown off. she wasn't badly hurt, and her dog remains missing. if your dog was taken, what would you do? it's got to go to nicole parker first. would you go after them, would you recommend people go after them? because you know people are passionate about their pets. >> they say it a dog is a man or woman's best friend.
8:54 pm
for a lot of people is like a family member or a child. if that's the dog you love, you're going to fight for your dog. >> trace: that's probably the answer for a lot of people. elizabeth pipko, would you go after your dog or take another route? >> oh, my god, of course. everything i know, trace, i learned from my wonderful mother. she do it for our dog, someone else a dog, she'd probably do it for a lizard, she's that amazing. you'll likely catch me doing this one day if i come i got her bed, face the situation. >> trace: rich edson? >> i don't have a dog, so i probably can't relate, but my wife fosters pit bulls and we've never had a pitbull stolen. that's probably why can't re relate. >> trace: bill melugin? >> got to go after the dog. they're not going to prosecute those guys. if you get them yourself. >> trace: i was thinking that same thing. you're not going to get that dog back unless you go after yourself. jackie ibanez? >> can you imagine if i said no,
8:55 pm
i wouldn't go after my dog? how heartless! of course, i would go after my dog. it would be one of those afterthoughts. maybe as you writing on the car, "this isn't a good idea." >> trace: i would go after the dog and beat the daylights out of the people who took the dog. would you jump into a car to save your dog? yes, 76%, no, 24%. it's kind of an even thing. show time, yes, my dog would have done the same for me. i bet. i'm on the front of the car holding on for dear life with my children or grandchildren inside. for the dog, i would chase the car but certainly not hang onto the front. i would not go that far for my cats but i would be very mad and i would try to get their license plate number. and scott williams says adopt another dog. risking your life is an emotional reaction that may not end well. thank you for watching america's late news, "fox news @ night." i'll see you back here in d.c. tomorrow night. ♪ ♪
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the memory of these who needlessly lost their lives. ♪ ♪ >> hello


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